Monday, August 30, 2010

How do you create high quality model renderings in CATIA V5?

CATIA V5 users may be wondering how do you create a high resolution image of their CAD model? The quickest way to render an image of a model in CATIA is by going to Start>Infrastructure>Photo Studio--> quick rendering. Although this is drastically better than just taking a screen shot, it isn't really a high quality resolution image that you may want to use for a poster or marketing device. So how do you produce a really high resolution picture?

Go to Start>Infrastructure>Photo Studio. Next, click on the "Create Shooting" icon. A window will pop up and the first tab should be "frame." There should be an option that says "image size". Move the slider bar to a higher level on the right as this changes the pixels. Typical size for a poster is 1600 x 1200.

Also, you can go through the other tabs to refine what you want in your picture by setting many of the other options, including various lighting packages. There is even a "cartoon" view!

To obtain your final image click on the "Render Shooting" icon, located under the "Create Shooting" icon. It takes a little longer to render the image this way but it's worth it. Quality over quantity every time! This is also another way to render video simulations from the kinematics workbench. It even lets you chose a camera view to use (like if you are modeling a roller coaster and want to take a POV ride). I hope this helps you render high quality screen captures!

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