Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to write a vb script to take screen shots within CATIA?

I've finished my image capture macro and have made it available to download. This CATscript takes a screenshot and allows you to name the picture file whatever you would like. Here are all the steps included in the macro, which can easily be modified if need:

1. Reframe on part
2. Zoom in
3. Turn off specification tree
4. Toggle compass
5. Change background color to white
6. Clear selection
7. Increase to full screen to obtain maximum resolution
8. Enter the name to save the picture as
9. Take screenshot
10. Save as .bmp file
11. Restore original background color
12. Toggle compass
13. Turn on specification tree
14. Restore original screen size

All these steps are complete in about two seconds. For even more flexibility you can change the extension into an input box that way each user could import the type of file they would like to save their picture as (.bmp, .jpeg, .png, etc.) You can turn off the iso view or zoom in steps by simply adding a single aprostrophe to the beginning of each line of respective code. The best to make this work may be to create a new macro file in CATIA and copy and paste the code from my text document into the macro editor and then save it, that way CATIA will automatically save and recognize it as a .CATscript file. Please let me know if you need any further help.

Click here to download.

I also created a macro to export properties from CATIA parts into an Excel spreadsheet, which you can check out here.

 CATIA Image Capture Macro .CATScript download


  1. I need to pay to make download??

  2. No, you shouldn't have to pay anything. If the download link doesn't work I can email you the file instead.

  3. fell free to send me this macro, and other ones!!

    i will appreciate!

    where can i find something to learn and do macros?

  4. I recently posted a power point tutorial to teach you how to write your own macros:

    1. Please email me the program...

  5. please email me the script as im not able to download.
    Email Id:

    1. See the code here:

  6. Sorry! The download link doesn't work.
    Please email me the script!
    Thanks a lot!


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