Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CAD Viewers: Solid Edge Viewer (SE)

Viewer for Solid Edge CAD Files
What type of files can Solid Edge Viewer read?
  • part, (.par)
  • Sheet metal (.psm)
  • assembly models (.asm)
  • Weldment assemblies (pwd)
  • Draft or drawing files (.dft)
  • Drawing files (.dwg, .dft)
  • 3D viewing and file sharing CAD models (JT)
  • Packaged collaboration files (pcf) for NX and SE
  • Metafile documents (Microsoft) CGM
  • JT files

Solid Edge Viewer Controls and Limitations

  • Rotate, size, or fit to window by selecting desired view control button from above the pressing left mouse button and dragging.
  • Printing of model picture or drawings are allowed
  • Cannot save files
  • Cannot measure drawings or models
  • Can hide or view individual components in an assembly model
  • Cannot view Parasolid, IGS, or Step files

Solid Edge 2D Drafting
  • Stand Alone Drafting Software
  • Similar to AutoCAD lite.
  • Complete 2d Drafting Capabilities.
  • Opens and saves documents as dft, dwg, dxf, 2D IGS
  • Save documents as dwg or dxf if they are to be distributed.
  • Can print drawings with included pdf printer. (SAVE AS pdf)
  • Tutorial are available

Solid Edge 2D Drafting Software
(with included 2D/3D Solid Edge Viewer )

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