Monday, November 28, 2011

Learn how to write CATIA VB Script Macros: Lesson 2

I have created a series of powerpoint presentations covering a variety of topics, starting from fundamentals of programming in VB script to exporting images to powerpoint and Excel files and more. This first lesson available for download was Lesson 1:Fundamentals where you'll learn some basic programming concepts. Lesson 2 has now been posted. We'll keep learning some fundamentals of programming but at the same time look at more example codes.

The following is a list of topics covered in CATIA Macros Lesson 2:

  • VB Script Syntax
  • Working with Collections: Count and Item number
  • How to use Save and Save As
  • GetWorkbench
  • How to use For Loops
  • Display the Density of a CATPart
  • Error Handling
  • Clear Method
  • Error Goto 0
  • Documents versus windows
  • How to create a parameter
  • How to switch to design mode
  • identifying a part versus a product

Download the tutorial free of charge and be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed for updates on future tutorials. In lesson 3 we'll be talking all about exporting, including capture the screen display as an image file in addition to exporting to Excel and PowerPoint.

Click here to download CATIA Macros:Lesson 2.ppt presentation

Learn how to write macros using our latest book: VB Scripting for CATIA V5 

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