Monday, December 19, 2011

Learn How to Write CATIA VB Script Macros: Lesson 3

What is a CATIA macro? If you perform a task repeatedly, you can take advantage of a macro to automate the task. A macro (or makro to some people) is a series of functions, written in a scripting language, that you group in a single command to perform the requested task automatically. You can record a macro but it is highly recommended that you learn VBA (or VBScript, a subset of VBA) in order to write and use macros of your own creation. I will help you learn how to write CATScripts through a series of CATIA macro tutorials, starting with how to export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.

The following is a list of some of the contents you'll find in Lesson 3 of our CATIA Macros series:

  • 1.How to export to Excel
  • 2.Launching Excel from CATIA
  • 3.Screen Updating and Excel Visibility
  • 4.Entering Cell Values
  • 5.Excel Formulas
  • 6.Combining Loops and Formulas
  • 7.Defining Excel Constants
  • 8.Insert Rows and Columns
  • 9.Sorting the Excel Spreadsheet
  • 10.Deleting Rows and Columns
  • 11.Formatting
  • 12.Changing the Background Color
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Download Lesson 3 

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