Tuesday, July 24, 2012

VB Scripting for CATIA V5 Giveaway!

catia v5 automation programming tutorialAre you looking for a free VB Scripting for CATIA V5 pdf download? How would you like a chance at getting a free copy of my ebook VB Scripting for CATIA V5? One of the only online sources where you can find how to write CATIA V5 macros, this 100+ page ebook includes step-by-step tutorials to teach you CATIA automation programming. These scripting tutorials sell for $34.99. To preview a copy of the book, sign up for our free email newsletter and you'll receive a link to download it.

To enter the contest please leave a public comment on this blog post about how the VB Scripting pdf tutorial will help you! What are you going to do with the information gained from the text? That’s all there is to it! Feel free to let us know if you’re going to use it at work or at home, or any unique macro uses and you could win a free copy.
Be sure to leave a name in which I can identify you by.

The contest entry period begins today and runs through August 31, 2012. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on September 4th, 2012.

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  1. Catia V5 is a fantastic 3d modeler.
    You realize this more so when you work
    on other cad platforms.
    However , in some areas I find it inferior to
    specific niche software used in our trade.
    Not that its incapable of doing the same thing , its just not available to the average smuck like myself, especially not being a programmer.
    Therefore I feel its in my best interest
    to see if I can improve my work day
    by learning V5 scripting.

  2. The step by step tutorial is the easiest way for a non-programmer beginner to step into the world of CATIA Scripting.

  3. I would use the book to help me automate creation of wing spars in my aerospace project!

    I also liked your Facebook page and tweeted this post. I hope I win!

  4. I've been working in the field of 3D for quite sometime now and have finally found a use for all the stuff in which was crammed between my ears over the years. I was never very smart but seem to have a talent when it comes to finding creative solutions to what may seem to some to be very complex issues. I have an extreme desire to learn how to how to automate and even further simplify the processes in catia on hand of writing my own scripts. In doing so I intend to share these solutions with the people on this wonderful planet of ours.

  5. davidgruty; David RodriguezJuly 26, 2012 at 1:19 AM

    After some years gaining experience with CatiaV5 I'm in a point where the next logic step is learning macros.
    After purchasing the "small" book, I think the "big" one will help me more

  6. Hello sir,
    I am Vinoth Kumar .S working in TE Connectivity (P) Ltd, Bangalore.
    Basically I am from Mechanical Engineer. I am working in Catia V5 software from Last 2 years. My professional nature is to make the design and drawing for Automotive components.
    My thinking style is to establish the new things and give the better solution to the customers through easy way.

    First of all, Mr. Mick berry and Mr. Nick Weisenberger are spending their time to clear my clarifications and sharing their ideas about Catia V5 Automation. For that I should thanks to both of them.

    Now a day, People works are going faster than machines.
    They omitted the manual works for getting more times and benefits.
    Catia users also getting closer than fastest and simplest way to do their work.

    By using this VB Scripting for Catia V5 book, we will get the knowledge about how the VB script is working for Catia and what it works.

    If the people don’t know about the programming like C++, Java scripting, by seeing the procedures and step wise instructions – peoples can easily execute the program by their own way.

    By other hand, we can tell this book is useful for Customization of Catia / Automation development using macros.

    As for us, we are using Part design, Assembly design, Drafting workbenches in Catia V5.
    From that 75% of process is going on manual work only.
    For example, Part parameters, Material apply, Assembly to Bill of material, Dimensional properties, Table exporting from Ms-excel to Catia, selecting the entities.

    As I gone to the syllabus and contents from this book, we can able to do the manual works into programming way for reducing the cycle time and good quality approvals.
    For our customer satisfaction, we can able to create the program for their requirements.
    So far, we should maintain the best performance over our work.

    Coming under the Customization / Automation, starting from creation of new menus, new toolbar and new icon then to create the macros, run the macros, save the macros and edit the existing macros using VB. Check the code the Re-correct the code.
    To make the Catia library and Catia standard Catalogs.

    Finally I so much joy for this free copy of paperback edition.

    And Thanks for all, please continue the classes through mail. I am greatly wishes for that.

    Help for the trainers is good for their work.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Best Regards,
    Vinoth Kumar

  7. I have been working with catia since 4 years ago. My business is mostly designing , reverse engineering and machining. However I have keen interest in kowledgeware and macros. Your book would help me a great deal in this respect.

  8. I am working on different solutions for the aerospace industry and have several tasks that I need to automate. These are not strictly in the design area but more in the area of "this is what an engineer needs to know, too" like preparing presentations and documentation with the help of CATIA.
    I think this is a great opportunity and I have shared it on Facebook.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I'm very needful for this book.
    I'm very thankful to u If u give me this wonder book.

    Your's faithfully,
    Abhishek B. Bhamare.

  10. For those interested I have another contest on my Excel Spreadsheets Help blog giveaway a free Gantt Chart Template: http://excelspreadsheetshelp.blogspot.com/2012/08/gantt-chart-template-pro-giveaway.html

  11. I have been working with catia since 4 years ago. My business is mostly designing , reverse engineering and machining. However I have keen interest in kowledgeware and macros. Your book would help me a great deal in this respect.

  12. The contest is now over and the winner is....
    vinoth kumar. Congratulations Vinoth! You will be receiving my new and improved version of the book as soon as it is available.


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