Sunday, January 27, 2013

CATIA Macro Flowchart

catia macro flowchart
You may have noticed the Delete Deactivated Features CATIA macro I’ve linked to in the downloads page. It’s a CATScript my good buddy Emmett Ross of scripting4v5 wrote. He recently created a new article about how to start programming a custom CATIA macro from scratch. He lists several important questions you need to ask yourself before diving into the coding work. One question is: What is the step by step process of the macro going to be? He suggest writing a flowchart, sketch or map. He’s allowed me to share a flowchart he made of his Delete Deactivated Features macro. It’s basically a decision tree. The first branches are actually the error handling: if the active document is a part go down one root if not, go down the other. I highly recommend downloading the code and comparing it to the pictured process map to see exactly his thought process in creating the macro.

How do you plan out your macros (CATIA or otherwise)? I'd love to hear about your planning process!

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