Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How do you find and use dynamic mirror in SolidWorks?

The Dynamic Mirror tool is a sketcher tool that allows you to dynamically mirror geometry as you're sketching it. To use dynamic mirror, you first have to find it as it probably won't be on your sketch toolbar to start out with. First, hit the 'S' key then right mouse click on the menu and select customize. Go to the 'Commands' tab and select 'Sketch'. There you'll see the Dynamic Mirror icon. It looks like the mirror icon but with a little lightning bolt symbol. Simply drag and drop the dynamic mirror icon to either the 'S' menu or to the sketch toolbar and you're all set!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How do you create a title block in ProEngineer?

There are two primary methods to bring a title block into a drawing in ProEngineer. To insert a title block into an existing drawing:

First, open the existing drawing: File/Open/directory/filename. The existing drawing appears. Now, clean a space for the title block by selection of a view (mouse left button click). The goal is to get enough space for the title block in the lower right corner. Next, use the new placement of the views and the space for the title block will be ready.

Using "Sketch" tools, select the "Line" tool and draw a title block. In this method, the form is fully defined by a drafter and should comply with the rules adopted by the company or client. To finish drafting, click the middle mouse button somewhere in the area of the drawing.


To fill in the title block simply hit the "Insert Note" option of the main menu. Next, select the type of notes in the Menu Manager (Default options: No Leader, Horizontal, Default justification – Make Note). In the actual title block, similar to regular notes, we can fill the lines with letters, numbers and symbol. Notes can be modified by a right mouse button click and select option "Properties" in the menu.

Note properties window appears. Bookmarks: Text & Text Style. Select the bookmark with the Text Style window. We can change here the font, letter height, line thickness, width factor between the letters.

Text parameters can also be modified, for example, height of the letters: from 0.156250 to 0.25". The note can also be moved in the drawing area into any other position (Left Button click & hold). This title block is used only once, in this particular drawing, and cannot be used anywhere else.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How do you render an image in Solid Edge?

Do you need to know how to render a 3D model into a marketable high-quality image? Well, check out the videos below for all you need to know about the rendering options in Solid Edge!