Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Importing AutoCAD Drawings into CATIA

 How to convert DXF drawings into CATIA CATPart sketches 

There's a little trick I use when I need to copy and paste DXF 2D drawing views from AutoCAD into a sketch for a CATPart file. First of all, if you attempt to simply copy and paste a drawing view directly into the part file you may get something that looks the image picture below- a jumbled mess of data, points, and lines. 

In order to fix this problem to import the drawing data completely, open the dxf file in CATIA. Next, save the drawing as an IG2 file (which is a 2D iges file). Now open the IG2 file and copy the main view into the CATPart. Or, another option is you can rename your IG2 2D file in Windows as .igs and then open that file and it will be imported in CATIA as a 3D part file. Sometimes you have to get creative and employ these little work-arounds to get the software to do exactly what you want it to do.