Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How do you open a Unigraphics NX part file in Pro/Engineer Wildfire?

I recently installed ProE 5.0 as well as Unigraphics 7.5. When trying to open NX files in ProE you may encounter the error message to "select the Unigraphics (*.prt) filter". Where do you find this Unigraphics part filter in ProE? Simply follow these steps:

Go to the tool bar
Tool->option-> type in the find box INTF3D_UG_INSTALL_DIR -> add/change-> select that directory where ProE was installed then click ->YES ->APPLY-> OK

Next, go to Open File
Filter in type GRAPHICS
Now select the UG PART
Click Open
Now the file should open!


  1. i need catia files to open in ugs nx how?

  2. i need pro-e files to open in ug nx9? plz reply me


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