Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Which version of CATIA free download

If you are a user of multiple versions or CATIA (R18,R19, etc) it can get quite frustrating attempting to open a R19 part in R18. Wouldn't it be great to be open to tell which version of CATIA a part was created in without having to open the part in CATIA? Well, now there is a such a program which you can download here. This software is the easiest way to know which version of CATIA a part has been created in. Run the .exe, browse and find the file and you'll see the latest version of the saved file and the minimal version to read it. Download it for free right now!

How to install :

Copy the .exe file in your directory. That's all.

It's also possible to add a shortcut to this exe in the C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName&\SendTo' directory.

In this case, you can use the right-clic Sento "Which version" menu (in the windows explorer).

Be careful ! you must install the VB6 runtime file that you can find here :

Click here to download: Which Version of CATIA.exe

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