Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What does CATIA stand for?

New users to CATIA are taught that CATIA officially stands for "Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application" (an alternative being Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Analysis). If you're a veteran and have been using CATIA for more than a few months or years you might have heard a few alternate versions for what CATIA stands for, or maybe even come up with a few on your own. After using CATIA for almost three years now I've compiled a list of the best acronyms I've come across:

CATIA - Crash and Try It Again
CATIA - Could Actually Take It All-day
CATIA - Close and Test it Again
CATIA - Come and Take It Away
CATIA - Constantly Aggravated & Tortured Individuals

And for good measure there's also these unrelated bits:

CATIA - Central Australian Tourism Industry Association
CATIA - Catalysing Access to Technology In Africa
CATIA - Computational Advanced Theorem Interface Application

What are your favorite CATIA acronyms?

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