Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's Go Design Episode #5: Chassis Design and Assemblies

In the last episode, we discussed weldment features and sketch techniques. This time, we move closer to the final overall CAD design of our Hot Rod Baby Buggy. We watch as Jeremy hot-wires the golf cart motors to show how the aluminum tracks perform flawlessly.

In this episode, Jeremy takes us through:

The Overall Design: Jeremy shares 80% of the CAD design, complete with a 3D model of a dad placed in the center. He shows us the fenders, talks about key components underneath the buggy, and creates a battery compartment using sheet metal.

Sustainability: We use SolidWorks® Sustainability to compare material selections for the fenders of our buggy - sheet metal vs. plastic.

The Assembly: Jeremy shows the basic build and sub-assemblies. He puts together the steel base weldment, aluminum floor, components from the golf cart’s electrical system and finally powers the tank treads.

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