Sunday, February 12, 2012

Learn AutoCAD for Dummies Review

AutoCAD is one of the leading 2D software used by engineers, architects, and designers. AutoCAD 2012 for Dummies quickly brings readers up-to-date on the latest version with all the new additions and revisions to the program. This book includes great colored illustrations and tutorials to help users better understand the material. This book was a huge help to me, someone used to running AutoCAD 2005 when I needed to, but am now making the upgrade to AutoCAD 2012. Believe it or not, even with model based definition where data is contained with 3D models, I am still needing to go to AutoCAD from time to time to whip up a quick drawing for a fixture or jig. As a mechanical engineer, it never hurts to stay up to date on the latest software available and this book is a great way to do that.

I do want to note this book is written specially for Windows users (sorry MAC peeps).

Purchase AutoCAD 2012 for Dummies and start learning how to use AutoCAD today!


  1. I'm designing a gun and need to know what the best software to use is to help me with that. AutoCAD vs Blender, some other software?.
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  2. Thanks so much for the comment. I try to put together my learning and experiece in terms of blog and feel great if this helps others.

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