Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Future of Assembly Instructions: 3D

You buy a bookcase from your local cabinet store. You want to repair a component in your car engine. For the first task, you may be supplied with paper instructions that are very confusing and inconvenient. There are five copies in five different languages when all you want is English. Or, for task two, there are no instructions but you’re not a mechanic so you have no idea what to do.  In the future, both of these situations will be remedied by 3D Instruction and How-to manuals. Gone are the days of paper instructions. Welcome to the era of looking on your smart phone for a step-by-step simulation of how to repair your vehicle without any prior mechanic’s knowledge. 3D Via, xml, and PDFs will be supplied on a disk or flash drive or, even better, as an internet downloaded included with the cost of the product. This is the future. Check out the video and article link below.

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