Monday, March 22, 2010

CATSettings Pointers for CATIA Users

I'm starting to realize deleting the CATSettings fixes a whole bunch of strange issue in CATIA.
Recently had this problem in CATIA NC workbench:  cannot pick the start/stop points in Multi-Axis Curve Machining.  This only happens with his log-in on his computer; using his log-in on another computer works fine.  The points, in the machining operation window (where you pick other driving geometry) are shown as solid black dots.  Is this a Tools -> Options issue?  Un/Re-installing CATIA doesn't fix this either. V5R18SP7.  Everything else (as far as we can see) works fine.  Any ideas?

CATSetttings is probably the biggest quirk in CATIA V5. I made a screenshot of all my Tools/Options and anytime we go to another revision I recreate my CATSettings. Like many other people, I learned the hard way. Anytime something is acting strangely it usually ends up being the CATSettings.

A few other CATSettings pointers on this. Do not use the same settings folder for multiple versions (R18/R19), keep a back up copy of a clean start - they will get corrupt from time to time. When unpredictable things happen - example your picking issue, replace your settings with clean set. Re-installing Catia does not clean up your setttings directory. You can find your directory in C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Application Data\DassaultSystemes.
In there I would create CATSettingsR18 and CATSettingsR19, to do this you need to modify in the Environment Editor the path in variable CATUserSettingsPath.

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