Monday, March 14, 2011

Theo Jansen Mechanism Matlab Code M-file

 A few readers have requested the full m file for the Theo Jansen mechanism. I've uploaded it here. If the download won't work for you lease me your email address and I will gladly send it to you. Please don't just copy the file. This is meant for reference only. In other words, figure it out on your own!

Theo Jansen Mechanism Matlab Code.doc download 

*7/22/2011 download link should be fixed now!


  1. i'm in china and couldn't download .m file, pls send me it, my email

  2. would you please email me .m file! I couldn't download the file.

  3. The download link should be fixed now.

  4. Can u please send me the full code and also refer me a good book to understand this mechanism.
    My mail id is

  5. send to please!!
    the link doesn't quite work for me

  6. Can you please send me the code.
    My email is
    The link is not working for me as well.
    Thank you so much, your help is greatly appreciated.

  7. Can you please email me the code, the link would not work for me. My email is Thank you.

  8. Iam working on same project too.Can you plesse e-mail me as i am not able to download email-

  9. would you plz sent it to me too? I'm working on this mechanism as a thesis and I need to have a better illustration for kinematic analysis.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. can you sent me the code;,thank you


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