Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do you change the spindle speed in the middle of a tool path?

I was recently wondering if there was a way to change the machining speed in the middle of a tool path in CATIA's advanced machining workbench. I have a part that we want to enter slowly, proceed along a surface, and then change to the regular machining speed. Breaking the tool path into two operations is NOT possible in this situation. One solution, though not ideal, is to use the Toolpath Editor and inset SPINDL speed changing statements at the desired point using the PP Word Modification.

This option will lock the toolpath so you must make sure you have finalized your machining operation. If you unlock and regenerate the MO then you will lose all of the toolpath modifications, which makes this solution not the best one, in my opinion, but the only one I've discovered which works thus far. Any other solutions?

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