Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How do I create formulas in Catia to drive dimensions?

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When creating a part with CATIA (or any other CAD package) it is often useful to drive dimensions off of formulas. In CATIA, you need to Create Parameters in order to associate dimensions to a part. Slide 1Begin by: Select Tools>Formula.

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Change the Filter Type to User Parameter and create the Parameter by

Selecting New Parameter. Enter parameter name and the value.

Click OK.

Create a part sketch.

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Right click dimension (to add formula).
Select Edit Formula.

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Select Parameter to drive formula.
This will insert your parameter into the Formula Editor.
This area is used to create a formula. Example: (B/2)+4
This is performed for each Dimension.
Click OK.

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Continue to the next design operation.

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Parameters and Relations were added to the tree.


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