Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How can you tell which version a Pro/E model was made in?

The easiest way to tell which version of Pro/Engineer a model was made in is to open up the part (.prt) file in a text editor (such as notepad) and look at the first line of text. This will show you the necessary information. As an example. #UGC:2 ASSEMBLY 1068 440 0 1 1 15 2100 2000050 0000b335 \ #- VERS 0 0 \ #- HOST in this listing, the 2100 signifies v21 or 2000i and 2000050 is the build number.

Here's another quick Pro/E tip:

How do you specify what folder Pro/E defaults to when opening new a model? Simply use the option: "file_open_default_folder"

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