Monday, December 13, 2010

Tips and Tricks: How do you email large Solidworks part files?

Sometimes e-mailing a SolidWorks part or assembly file
can be problem because of their large file size. If you use Winzip it will reduce the file size, but not by much. In order to drastically reduce the size of a SolidWorks files before e-mailing try the following technique:

  • Enclose the entire part within a solid box. I usually name the feature something like 'Delete me'.
  • Change the display mode from Shaded to line mode (hidden lines removed).
  • Complete a Save As on the file.
  • Now you can e-mail the file with a note to remove the feature called 'Delete me'.

I use this method quite frequently and it generally reduces the file size by about fifty percent.

Also, here are a few keyboard shortcuts I discovered that may help you in viewing and orienting your SolidWorks parts models:

Crtl+1 - Front view
Crtl+2 - Rear view
Crtl+3 - Left view
Crtl+4 - Right view
Crtl+5 - Top view
Crtl+6 - Bottom view
Crtl+7 - Isometric view

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