Friday, December 17, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts for 3D VIA Virtools

Here are a few tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier if you are a 3D Via user. What is 3D Via used for? You can use 3DVIA Virtools to deliver graphically stunning, interactive real-time experiences for industry or game production.

Creation Tools Shortcuts:

1 - Create a camera

2 - Create a light

3 - Create a curve

4 - Create a 3D frame

5 - Create a grid

6 - Create a 2D frame

7 - Create a Material

8 - Create a Texture

9 - Create a Portal

Navigation Tools:

Z - Camera zoom

SHIFT+Z - Zoom on selection

O - Toggle Orbit camera / Orbit target around camera

P - Pan camera

F - Change camera FOV

D - Dolly camera

N - Next Camera in scene

SHIFT+N - Previous Camera in scene

A - Switch to selection mode

W - Zoom all

Y - Flycam

Mouse Middle Button - Pan

Alt + Mouse Middle Button - Orbit

Mouse Wheel - Zoom

Creation Tools:

P - Create a new Place and adds selected 3D Entities to the place.

R - Create a new Array.

C - Create a new Scene.

W - Create a new Workset.

S - Create a new Script on selected items.

G - Creates a group and adds selected items to the group.

Other tips, tricks, and shortcuts:

F2 - Renames entities.

DEL - Deletes selected entities.

SPACEBAR - Toggles selection lock in 3D view.

V - Show selected 2D/3D entities.

H - Hide selected 2D/3D entities.

A - Activate selected entities in their context scene.

D - Deactivate selected entities in their context scene.

M - Modify selected Parameter Operation


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