Thursday, June 2, 2011

Managing Large Assemblies in CATIA: Visualization Mode

Using visualization mode in CATIA versus design mode improves performance by not loading the mathematical data of the part into memory, only a visual of the geometry is loaded into memory.

The first time a part is loaded into CATIA using visualization mode:

  • CATIA creates a "lighter" version of the model and saves it to the hard drive.
  • Because it creates this light version the first time, it takes longer to load.
  • Successive loads of this model, read the "light" version, which results in a quicker load time and better performance

The file type is saved as a .cgr – CATIA Graphic Representation. CGR files are not downward compatible (Cgr files created in V5R14 cannot be read by CATIA V5R13 or lower)

  • Upward compatibility
    • Files are upward compatible.
    • However, in V5R14 cgr files were optimized (I recommend rebuild the cgr files if upgrading to V5R14)
  • Sharable
    • Set storage directory to server
    • Also called Released Cache

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