Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CATIA Kinematics Simulation from Manikin's POV

I am modeling a new type of roller coaster in CATIA. In order to test this new coaster concept I need to run the simulation from the viewpoint of the manikin riding in the car. Whether you are modeling a roller coaster or a sports car, here is how it is done:

First, make sure this option under Tools > Options>Ergonomics is set:

For the line of sight, create a camera in View - Named View and  then position it close to your manikin head.

 Next, attach the camera to the head of the manikin with the "attach/detach" function and change the property to perspective.

You can open a camera view window while in DMU Nav by using the Window Menu, you can open the Camera window:
Use this Camera window for recording.

 The only downside is when I simulate in the camera view it automatically switches the geometry to "shading with edges" instead of what I want to see, which is "shading with material." Anyone know if there is an option somewhere to change this?

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